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Top Ten Buying Tips to browse through at your leisure to look at styles, designs, sizes and to gain ideas. This will help make sure you get the exact conservatory you are looking for.

Size - What will you use your new conservatory for? By establishing what you want to use your conservatory for will allow you to pick the right size conservatory for your needs. Installers will talk external dimensions to you therefore the internal measurements are as follows for conservatories with dwarf walls
(80mm Cavity - Width Minus 560mm + Depth Minus 280mm)
(50mm Cavity - Width Minus 500mm + Depth Minus 250mm)
Conservatory Expert - If you are marking out the proposed conservatory, mark the dimensions in your front room to get an idea of the space. Marking dimensions in the garden will always look smaller than when you mark it with walls around

Price - Don't automatically go for the cheapest option because as we all know you get what you pay for in this life. Compare companies to make sure the price is like for like. Also ask companies why their price is higher and what benefits their product has over their competitors.

Timescale - Clarify with each companies when can they get started to make sure it fits in with your time frame. Also clarify with each company how long it will take from start to finish. You don't want the job going on for too long. A standard conservatory should take around 2 -3 weeks

Roofing Options - Polycarbonate or glass? Polycarbonate is the cheapest and most widely used however in recent years high performing glass units used in the roof are becoming extremely popular. Glass cuts out most of the sound of the rain and is available with self cleaning and solar control properties. The colour most commonly used is blue however it is also available in green or clear

Check Guarantees - Check what guarantees each company gives with their conservatories. Does the guarantee cover glass units? Roof? Moving parts? Basework? A lot of companies give a guarantee but it doesn't cover everything on the conservatory

Roof & Profile Supplier - Check with companies what roofing system they are using and what profile they are using. There is a huge difference in quality within these markets. We have listed our recommended suppliers in the following sections
UPVC Profile Suppliers & Conservatory Roof Suppliers

Ventilation - At the design stage thinking about ventilation is very important. Make sure you design your new conservatory with enough opening windows incorporated into the design.
We would suggest 3m x 3m = 4 Opening Windows 3m x 5m = 6 Opening Windows
Check with you local authority - Read our planning section for more information click here. If in doubt an installer will help you on this matter or you can phone the council direct

Visit - Showrooms and Websites - This is very important to ensure you make the right choice with regards to size, style and designs. It also gives you the chance to see the quality of the product and the quality of each companies set up
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