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Personal Training

Get started right the first time. Get extra motivation or one-on-one attention that will give you the winning edge. We have learned that different people have different needs, different wants. We listened. Achieve offers a variety of training programs to help you achieve your goals, as specific as they may be. When you build a relationship Achieve, you will meet with an expert that has the knowledge you need to achieve. With expert knowledge and motivational tactics in your corner, and a program designed just for you, you can't help but succeed! Just tell one of our friendly staff that you want success today and you'll be on your way to getting the results you deserve!

Group Fitness

We have many offerings for organized group fitness and advanced training.  You are sure to find something you will really enjoy!  Achieve's certified instructors make these classes fun, energizing and motivating. Weekly Achiever Classes are complimentary to all members.  A variety of Concierge ($) 7-week specialty and advanced classes are for those looking for more challenge, more intensity or sports specific focus. Try any of our classes and workshops with the complimentary Try-It Series.Participating in a Group Fitness class is one of the best ways to have fun while working out. Not only will Group Fitness classes keep you motivated, they will allow you to determine exactly how hard you want to workout. Achieve has created a solid foundation of fun, modern and traditional workout classes with certified class instructors so we can assure members that they are receiving the best instruction and experience possible. If you would like to try out any Group Fitness classes sign up for a FREE 7 day pass. some of the best classes available into your weekly routine? Yoga, pilates, spin, core conditioning, total body workouts and much more are offered to guarante you challenge, motivation, and a program that continues to bring you results.


People work hard. Good things happen. Bad things happen. The only way to know you are staying on track is to know where you are now, where you want to go, and how are you going to get there. We follow the plan-analyze-measure-correct-support-sustain… then start again ideology. Achieve takes the guess work out of which road you are headed before you waste your time and energy starting over.

Massage & Accupuncture

Massage helps muscles work out lactic acid so you hurt less. Being pampered isn't the worst way to feel healthy, right? Doing something good for your body never felt so good. Come pamper yourself at Achieve and reward yourself for achieving great results.

Family Memberships

We offer discounted mily rates so that you and your family can stay healthy together.

Sports Training

Whether running the Boston Marathon, competing on the sports eld, or completing your rst triathlon? Achieve will help you prepare and be ready!


Nothing compliments a workout better than a proper diet. Our in-house nutrition programs can show you how to implement a nutrition plan tailored to your needs, getting you results faster than you could have imagined! See the club calendar of events. You can also meet one-on-one with our Achieve diet & nutrition services, you can customize a plan that helps you achieve your weight loss or overall health goals.


Sometimes with our busy schedules, its impossible to find the time to take care of the daily tasks and errands. With Achieve, you can avoid the hassle and time of searching for the right products, waiting in line, and driving around town to pick things up for home or work. Achieve can help. Ask us how.


Stress relief and relaxation techniques can be critical to maintaining the demands of our daily routines. Get an edge up and take the edge off with Achieve's stress-relieving classes, consultations, and referrals. You may only notice a calming experience today, but your body and mind will be able to keep supporting you for much longer in the future.

Body & Soul

: An easy to follow combination of modern movement and West African rhythm using meditation and core muscles to unite the body and soul.


: The class integrates breathing, flexibility, strength, precision and body awareness to lengthen, define and strengthen muscles. Pilates help improve daily functions and maintain a healthy core.


: Combines Yoga and mat method based on Pilates to enhance muscle strength and length. Also designed to improve posture, flexibility, and physical awareness. Appropriate for all fitness levels.

Power Pilates

: A hot new exercise that combines key elements of Pilates with weights, bands, body bars, and stability balls that are used for a fantastic resistance-training workout. Sculpt and tone the core muscles as well as upper and lower body.

Tai Chi

: A standing class that offers relaxation, flexibility and functional strength. This class incorporates slow controlled movements. Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese discipline of meditative movements, is now practiced as a system of exercises to strengthen the body and mind.


: A yoga workout (Vinyasa-based) that approaches strength from a different angle, emphasizing muscle endurance rather than pure power. Focuses on musculature to enhance strength, flexibility, focus, and balance while toning the entire body. The yoga poses will give an all-over stretch but also build strength. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace.
Gentle Yoga: Gental yoga focuses on correct body alignment, sequencing of postures and timing, allowing the participant practice while they learn, in harmony. Props (belts, blocks, blankets, etc.) are used when needed to facilitate learning and to help the body into the correct positions. Through practicing these poses, students develop strength, stamina, stability, concentration, and an inner calm. All levels are welcome.


Massage therapy can offer a wide variety of benefits to your body. Massage is not only for relaxation, but also can reduce pain, improve circulation, improve flexibility, strengthen your immune system and lower blood pressure. Choose from a variety of massages including Aroma Scalp Treatment, Swedish, Achieve Special, Achieve Hot Stone, Hand/Foot/Chair, Partner or Pre-Event Sports. Ask for details today - reward yourself for a hard week's work. Your body deserves it!


At Achieve Health & Fitness, we believe that all companies, large and small, deserve a customized wellness program that meets and exceeds your staff’s expectations. Achieve's Corporate Wellness Program’s primary function is to provide your staff with the maximum amount of information, motivation and enthusiasm to adopt and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Seminars, group exercise, flexible schedules, and coaching of work related injuries, stress management, productivity improvement, and proper eating, Achieve has a way to improve the positive culture and environment in your company. Read more...


Your kids can have fun while you workout! Our main goal in the Future Achiever clubhouse is to provide your children with a fun, safe and clean environment. Children from newborn to age 12 are welcome at all times where our caring staff will make sure you and your children feel at home. The Clubhouse offers a variety of activities for children. We offer structured programs, arts and crafts, story time along with time for free play.