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When it comes to finding a fitness club that’s right for you, we know that the most important thing is joining a gym that will help you get results. At Achieve Fitness, we're so sure you’ll love our clean, comfortable fitness center that we guarantee results. If you don't feel or see a positive difference within 60 days of joining our gym, we will refund your money!

What We Are All About:

OUR MISSION: We are in business to make people happier. We will tirelessly strive to create a high quality lifestyle for our customers. If customers are not healthier, happier, and energetic, we have failed. We will constantly improve by evolving and educating ourselves to not let our customers down. we will seek to perfect our environment to make our clients feel comfortable, accepted and respected. We are here to pat you on the back or kick you in the butt when you need it. We know how important you are to your family and ours. We will not let you down. You deserve results. You deserve a company that can bring it. You belong at Achieve Health and Fitness.

We understand the importance of fitness in your life. We know first hand the challenges involved in balancing your life, taking the first steps towards starting a fitness routine, and moving past obstacles. Often times, we get so busy with work and family that it is easy to forget to take care of ourselves. You work and live a hectic life. We want to help you live it longer, with more quality time, more energy, and more happiness. members can relax, get in shape, and have fun without being subjected to the hard-core, look-at-me attitude that exists in too many gyms. Achieve tailors a fitness program to your personal needs and guarantees you results. The best thing you can do for your body is to come see us now.

We know how other fitness centers run. they rent you equipment. They talk good upfront and then forget you until next year. All the bells and whistles don't get you results and you become disappointed once you are their member. I can assure you, at Achieve Health & Fitness, you will be met with a smile and top personal coaches that can help you develop your fitness goals and programs. You are our top priority and we strive everyday to help you meet your fitness goals. So what are you waiting for? Make today the day you take your first step towards feeling better and look better!

As our mission states, we will find ways to improve lives and our community. From finding ways to show people what is possible, to simply making the time to do what we feel is important, Achieve Health and Fitness will stand out from other clubs because we actually do what we say. Our Achieve Community sponsorship gives our time and other resources to helping those in need. We also will work to improve Yakima County areas recommended by clients and community members as needing assistance. From a painting project for the elderly, to a vacant lot cleanup effort, Achieve Health and Fitness knows how good it feels to do something that creates improvement in others lives. Recommend your project today!    

Management Personal Statement

Achieve saw the gap between what people want and what they were getting from other health clubs. We visited hundreds of health clubs in many cities. We saw what many were good at and where many failed. We saw that most missed some essential ingredients to keep us as customers. Locally, we were forced to choose from the other facilities in Yakima County for years and always knew the gap was not being filled between what they claimed. We also knew it never will be filled because they had no reason to change and didn't even seem to care to listen. We finally came to the conclusion that the only way to get and give real results was that someone had to get involved and show people the difference. We knew it had to be us. Everyone needs money to stay in business. But we think the company should earn that money by earning trust of the community for actually giving them what was promised - by giving people what they didn't know was possible, since they've been conditioned to accept so little. At Achieve Health and Fitness, we don't take that trust lightly. We will strive to constantly improve our services, improve our listening skills, and most of all, to improve the lives of our clients and our community. Come join us in celebrating life and a long, happy future. We want to be part of your solution and part of your success. -Achieve Health & Fitness management: Troy Allison & Rob Brown

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Yakima, WA 98902

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