Jeannie Eaglestar (Yakima, WA)

GOALS AND OBJECTIVE(S): To build muscle and slim down, and to train for a figure competition.
HOW LONG WITH ME? ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND/OR OBSTACLES OVERCOME: Worked out with Rob for 2 months. Training with different equipment and working out outside a gym environment.
RATE OVERALL EXPERIENCE: I enjoy training with Rob, he keeps things challenging and mixes up the routine. He makes me laugh, but also makes sure I have a great workout.
WOULD YOU RECOMMEND OTHERS: Yes I would! Rob knows what he is doing and he is easy to train with.


I would never have believed exercising could be fun. At Achieve, it's different. You should come this week. I kept putting it off and then wished I had come sooner. It's free for the 1st couple times. If you’re anything like me, you'll be hooked too!


RATE OVERALL EXPERIENCE: I always look forward to my workouts with Rob, whether it is one on one or with a group (Bootcamp) because I know I'm going to feel great after all the hard work. Rob has shown me at least 30 or 40 different exercises that I didn't even know existed that have helped me tone and strengthen.
WOULD YOU RECOMMEND OTHERS: I'd recommend anyone to work with Rob because he listens and will push you to your limits and not beyond.


"The people there are so knowledgeable. This is the first time I ever have gotten results."


GOALS AND OBJECTIVE: Tone & strengthen upper body & Incorporate different/more intense workouts to my routine. HOW LONG WITH ME AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND/OR OBSTACLES OVERCOME: Started Bootcamp class in Sept. 09, Personal training in November 09. So far I have increased strength and built a good foundation for moving forward.
RATE OVERALL EXPERIENCE: So far so good. Rob does a great job of assessing your abilities and challenging you to do more and stretch yourself. The workouts are always different. WOULD YOU RECOMMEND OTHERS: Yes, he's very accommodating and doesn’t make the sessions intimidating or uncomfortable. Probably more likely to recommend once new facility is opened.


"Remember that day when you looked in the mirror and you know that it is time for a change? My day came about 2 years ago. I decided to join Fitness 19, right away I felt a little uncomfortable with my surroundings. I didn't feel as though I belonged there. One day I forced myself to go because this is something that I needed to make a habit of if I was going to change my life. I met a wonderful man that day, his name was Rob Brown. He was a new employee at the club who was and is very inspirational to me. I was working out and struggling a little bit within myself and he came over to me, patted me on the back and told me that I was doing a great job and putting a lot of effort into my workout. This made my day, now thinking back it really was my turning point of enjoying the gym. Rob continuously would greet me, give me encouragement, push me harder and make me feel like I was worth this change in my life, and IT HAS COMPLETELY CHANGED MY LIFE! Whomever Rob is going to help in the future is a very lucky person. Rob is the man who sees the good in others and helps them realize it within themselves. To this date, I have lost almost 100lbs within a Year and a half of actually trying. I definitely would not be this successful without Rob's encouragement.


" At Achieve, they don't let me fail. I've never had a place say they care and actually show it."


"That has to be the cleanest club I have ever worked out in."


My name is Connie McGahan. I met Rob when he worked for West Valley Fitness. He was my favorite person on staff there because he took an active and sincere interest in my satisfaction with the gym as well as my fitness goals. He was always visible and available to the members. Rob was always cleaning, refilling supplies and adjusting the temperature for the customers' comfort.  I signed up for personal training with Rob because he was so friendly and professional, something I would not have done on my own initiative but was glad I did. He helped me a lot, not only with ideas and technique but more importantly with encouragement and positive feedback. I am confident that Rob would have great success as a club owner because of his work ethic, professionalism and personal manner. I intend to join his club and would love to help in any way that I can.


Having the career that I have ,(Exec. Director@Assisted Living Community) I see firsthand what “being out of shape” does to us as we age. Being 50+, I knew that if I didn’t do something soon, I probably would never; hiring a personal trainer was a huge step for me. I wanted to look and feel the best that I could and relieve stress at the same time; working with Rob has accomplished both for me.
Rob instills confidence in me during our work-outs; he believes in me! I find that I push myself further each time and I am accomplishing more than I ever thought possible. I am so proud of what I am doing and genuinely look forward to our workouts. My clothes fit better, I have FAR MORE energy and I am not near as stressed out as I have been. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone and can’t wait for he and Troy to open their health club so everyone can see the benefits that I do!


       No longer young or physically active, almost never glamorous, overweight, and in need of an exercise program, I signed up for Rob Brown’s “beginner fitness boot camp” because it was offered through  the Park Department and said all were welcome, no matter their level of fitness.  It’s fun!  I go twice a week, one hour at a time.  Rob, the trainer, is knowledgeable, personable, upbeat, and motivating!  He has a gift for focusing on each individual person and making each individual feel important and successful.   I recommend the program to all my friends.  Achieve your personal goals!  Come join us!



Once I got over some nerves and took advantage of the free week trial, I knew the atmosphere at Achieve was just what I was looking for. The gym has a great team environment and everyone is willing to answer questions and help each other achieve their personal goals. The instructors are very accommodating and understanding of the range of skills new people in the gym are going to have. So whether you are looking to lose weight, get in shape, learn self-defense, or increase your energy level, Achieve is the place to be!


"They really take care of their members at Achieve."

Sara Ettl

"My experience has been a 10. The atmosphere is totally professional, yet casual and comfortable. Rob is motivating and always keeps the workouts effective. The personal training is my favorite, since it gives me great ideas when I work out independently. I am seeing results every time I leave the gym. The atmosphere, the personal workouts, and the customized training are amazing!"


"Everyone was friendly, even at the front desk. They answered all of our questions & made us feel welcome. That is rare to find these days."


I am so glad I made the decision. If I hadn't, I would be doing the same thing I have been doing for years - wasting my money, bored, & looking for excuses not to exercise. I am lucky I found this club."


"You have to come to this place. This is the 1st time I have been treated like a human at a health club. I was impressed."


A couple of my friends come here and have been trying to talk me into it for months. She loves it & would always talk about it. I always had excuses but finally I said what the heck and took the free week and tagged along. She was right. I wish I would have gone sooner.


I am so consistent because I have the group that didn't let me miss. Now, I get to help others be as successful as I have been. I really like that."


"There are so many people in the same position as me. I always feel comfortable."

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