The Achieve Fittest Executive Challenge

The annual Achieve Health & Fitness Fittest Executive Challenge Program will help participants understand the many benefits of successfully implemented wellness programs. Over several months during the year, up to 100 local CEO ’s and/or top executives will take the challenge to lead personal fitness, corporate health, and the wellness by example approach. Each top executive will be put through a five-part fitness assessment. The criteria will include endurance, strength, flexibility, and body makeup along with a complimentary health risk appraisal and blood work assessment. Participants will be monitored throughout the program.

What is the Achieve Fittest Executive Challenge about?

Most people that have serious health problems are often times the same people that said in the past, "I'm just too busy to start an exercise program." or "I'll get to that next month. I just have to finish these big projects at work right now." Now, there are a lot of different occupations in the world, some with busy seasons, some with lots of travel, and others with a ton of demanding clients. But none of these reasons should stop someone from achieving balance in their lives. No one should sacrifice their long-term health and happiness. We asked ourselves, how can people realize how important their health is? How can busy people incorporate a positive change into their lives? The answer was getting role models who have all of some of the most demanding jobs, busiest schedules,and biggest responsibilities. Then, make them successful to represent the busy people in their companies. The Achieve Fittest Executive Challenge was born!

Nominate your executive today! If you know of someone who has high responsibility and a difficult time balancing their life, we want to meet them. If you know a leader who has the determination, ability to learn and the ability to listen and be coached in order to see dramatic benefits from their work and energy, we want your recommendations for our next challenge now!

Our community is always in need of good role models. Be part of it! There is no obligation for purchase. This is a community event with a desire to show people how possible life balance can be. Our goal is to give the entire community a healthier, happier future, so refer your favorite executive role model today!

Sponsors support the program and the community

Local businesses support wellness and happiness as a movement and support the Biggest Corporate Achievers Program with special prizes and services. The following is a list of those committed to your community's success!

For more information on helping your team achieve health and happiness, visit our Wellness section:

Get your company in shape and show employees that your executives are good examples of health fitness and productivity. Nominate one of your executives for the program today and be a hero tomorrow!